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Zhu De Biography Summary: Zhu De (1886 - 1976) was a Chinese warlord and revolutionary and became famous as one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party. At a young age he was adopted by a wealthy uncle and away from the poor lifestyle of his parents. Zhu De attended a Military Academy and came into contact with people that at that time were unhappy with the status quo and were prepared to fight to change the regimes they did not wish to live under.

He would become the founder of the Red Army and would continue to be a leading political figure until he died in 1976.

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Zhu De Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1886 - 1976 *** Full Name: Zhu De *** Occupation: Chinese General, Warlord, Politician, Revolutionary and one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party *** Date of Birth: Zhu De was born on December 1st 1886 *** Place of Birth: Zhu De was born in Yilong County, Sichuan, Qing Dynasty *** Family background: His family were of rather poor origins and tenant farmers *** Early life and childhood:  The family moved from the Hunan and Guangdong province to Sichuan during a time of migration *** Education: Zhu De was educated, albeit the family’s means were meager, they pooled their money together to send him to a private school. He also went on to attend the Sichuan High School *** Zhu De died on July 6, 1976

Zhu De Fact 1: Zhu De was born on December 1, 1886 and during the 19th century period in history when many empires across the globe collapsed including the Spanish and French empires and the Mughal and Chinese empires. But the British, United States, Russian and German Empires were all on the rise.

Zhu De Fact 2: He grew up with seven siblings of fourteen children born to his parents. When Zhu De was just nine years old his uncle, a prosperous man of political influence and financially wealthy, adopted him and managed to gain access for him to attend the Yunnan Military Academy.

Zhu De Fact 3: After graduating Zhu De went back to teach as a gym instructor at the Yilong primary school but the school would not like his political teaching and views so he was dismissed.

Zhu De Fact 4: At that point he entered the Military Academy at also joined the secret political society of Tongmenghui.

Zhu De Fact 5: Once Zhu De graduated from the academy he joined the staff as a teacher.

Zhu De Fact 6: Zhu De joined Brigadier Cai E after the Chinese Revolution in 1911 and served as a regimental commander during the campaign to unseat Yuan Shikai. Cai E would become governor and Zhu his brigade commander

Zhu De Fact 7: It was while attending the academy that he met Cai E and in 1916 after Cai E died and his wife also died that he would develop a serious addiction to opium that would have its grip on him until 1922 when sought treatment in Shanghai.

Zhu De Fact 8: With the backing of his troops he decided to consolidate his force and Zhu De became a warlord.

Zhu De Fact 9: During 1920 his troops were beaten back from Sichuan and towards the Tibetan border. It was also around this time that his second wife and young child would be murdered by a rival war lord and it was this event that was the catalyst to him trying to join the Chinese Communist Party but due his own warlord standing the rejected him.

Zhu De Fact 10: Having decided to travel to German Zhu De spent time studying at the Gottingen University in 1925 but as a result of meeting Zhou Enlai and his role in several student protests he was expelled from Germany.

Zhu De Fact 11: With Enlai as a sponsor, Zhu De was finally able to join the Communist Part of China as a probationary member. Having left Germany, Zhu De travelled to the Soviet Union where studied Marxism and military affairs at the Communist University of the Toilers of the East.

Zhu De Fact 12: Zhu De made his return to China in 1926.

Zhu De Fact 13: In 1928 he became closely connection to Mao Zedong and together with his army of ten thousand men they defected from Fan Shisheng’s safeguard and so began his task of building what would become the Red Army all the while expanding and consolidating the areas controlled by the Soviets.

Zhu De Fact 14: As the leader of such a force of men came with enormous prestige and some locals peasants attributed him with having supernatural abilities.

Zhu De Fact 15: During both conflicts, the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Chinese Civil War De would hold the position of Commander-in-Chief of the Red Army.

Zhu De Fact 16: By 1949 Zhu De had become the People’s Liberation Army’s Commonader-in-Chief and it is for this reason he has become known at the founder. He also became Vice-Chairman of the Communist Party and Vice-Chairman of the People’s Republic of China.

Zhu De Fact 17: Over the next several years Zhu would support the wrong men and found himself dismissed from the Central Military Commission. He would also find himself dismissed from the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of Chine and all activity of the National People’s Congress was stopped.

Zhu De Fact 18: Although he would continue to be a leading statesman up until his death.

Zhu De Fact 19: Zhu De died on July 6, 1976 in Beijing aged eighty nine years. His body was cremated.

Influence & Legacy: His legacy would be of a man who stood up for what he believed in and was not afraid to back that belief with force. He was a great Marxist, military strategist, proletarian revolutionary and statesman.

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