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Stanley Baldwin Biography Summary: Sir Stanley Baldwin (1867 Ė 1947) was the 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley would become Prime Minister of England over three different terms. He saw the country through one of its worst internal crises when Edward VIII abdicated over Wallis Simpson and had made the country ill prepared for a further World War that it was hoped could be avoided because of his pacifist views. Stanley Baldwin was also the only Prime Minister to have served under the monarchies of George V, Edward VIII and George VI. He married Lucy Ridsdale in September of 1892 and together they had six children.

He only survived his wife by two years before dying peacefully in his sleep.

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Stanley Baldwin Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1867 Ė 1947 *** Full Name: Stanley Baldwin *** Occupation: Industrialist and British Conservative politician *** Date of Birth: Stanley Baldwin was born on August 3rd 1867 *** Place of Birth: He was born at Lower Park House, Bewdley, Worcestershire, England *** Family background: His father was Alfred Baldwin and his mother Louisa MacDonald. His mother was actually first cousin to the poet Rudyard Kipling *** Early life and childhood: He grew up in the family home at Bewdley *** Education: Stanley Baldwin began his education at St Michael's school, going on to Harrow School, Brighton College before completing his education at the University of Cambridge ***

Stanley Baldwin Fact 1: Stanley Baldwin was born on August 3rd 1867 during the 19th century and would see many changes in the coming years.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 2: He studied history at Trinity College, Cambridge, and didnít enjoy university perhaps as much as he should have due to the presence of a former schoolmaster from his time at Harrow who was responsible for punishing him.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 3: Stanley Baldwin left university with a third class degree and decided to join the family business in iron manufacturing but to help him prepare his father sent him to Mason College.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 4: Stanley Baldwin served briefly in the Artillery Volunteers at Malvern as a Second Lieutenant.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 5: He would become Justice of Peace for Worcestershire in 1897.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 6: He showed quite an aptitude for business as a young man and after inheriting a sizeable sum Stanley Baldwin also became the director of the Great Western Railway when his father died.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 7: Stanley Baldwin dipped his toe in the political ring in the 1906 general election but nothing came of it.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 8: By 1908 however he was elected Member of Parliament for Bewdley in which he took up the seat left by his fatherís demise.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 9: During World War I Stanley Baldwin was Parliamentary Private Secretary to Andrew Bonar Law and in 1917 he became the junior minister to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 10: During the coalition government of 1922 as a cabinet minister he proclaimed he was no longer willing to support the coalition. A new government of Conservative MPís were chosen and he was given the position of Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 11: A new general election was called for in 1922 at which point the Conservatives won a majority vote in their own right.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 12: The following year the then leader of the Conservative party, Bonar Law, was told he had terminal cancer and he stepped down at once.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 13: It would be left to King George V to choose his successor, the choice being between Lord Curzon, whom most felt was not a suitable candidate and the King chose Baldwin.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 14: He needed someone to replace him as Chancellor and he chose Neville Chamberlain.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 15: Stanley Baldwin would continue to serve as Prime Minister for the next five years as the Conservatives held a clear majority.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 16: Stanley Baldwin went on to win a further second term as Prime Minister between 1924 and 1929.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 17: Stanley Baldwin won a third and final term in office as Prime Minister in 1935 until 1937.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 18: King Edward VIII wished to marry Wallis Simpson, a twice divorced American woman but the House of Commons made their feelings extremely clear, no marriage between the King and a divorced woman.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 19: Having successfully weathered the storm of the Royal marriage, abdication and crowning of a new King, he felt it was time to go and so on May 27th 1937 he resigned his position as Prime Minister.

Stanley Baldwin Fact 20: Stanley Baldwin died in his sleep at Astley Hall in Worcestershire on December 14th 1947. His body was cremated at Golders Green Crematorium and his remains laid to rest in Worcester Cathedral.

Influence & Legacy:
Sadly as a result of having been through one World War, the country as a whole, did not want to face the possibility of another and so the leading political figures of the time, Baldwin, Chamberlain and MacDonald had left a country ill-prepared for another conflict.



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