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Biography Summary: Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503 - 1542) was famous for being a lyrical poet. Although his family had originated from Yorkshire, Thomas himself was born in Kent. His father had been given the honor of being a member of King Henry VIIIís Privy Council and would remain a trusted advisor to Henry for many years. Sir Thomas Wyatt married Elizabeth Brooke in 1520 and together they had a son, Thomas, although the marriage suffered setbacks when they separated on the grounds of her suspected adultery.

Unfortunately in his lifetime he would not see any of his work published, it would fifteen after his death before this would happen.

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Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1503 - 1542 *** Full Name: Sir Thomas Wyatt *** Occupation: English Ambassador and Lyrical Poet *** Date of Birth: Sir Thomas Wyatt was born in 1503, the exact date is unknown *** Place of Birth: Sir Thomas Wyatt was born in Allington Castle in Kent, England *** Early life and childhood: He grew up at Allington until they were usually sent from home around the age of 7 and sent to another nobles home to further their education. *** Education: Sir Thomas Wyatt Early before leaving home would be taught by tutors, their place in society and how to behave, whether towards their parents, other nobles and dignitaries, and royalty. He later attended St Johnís College at the University of Cambridge having been previously educated by tutors *** Sir Thomas Wyatt died on October 11, 1542.

Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact 1: Sir Thomas Wyatt was born in 1503. Family background: His father was Sir Henry Wyatt an English courtier and his mother was Anne Skinner who had three children, another son, Henry, who died in infancy and Margaret who survived to adulthood *** 

Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact 2: Thomas Wyatt began his career on a diplomatic mission together with Sir John Russell, the 1st Earl of Bedford, on King Henry VIIIís behalf.

Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact 3: The trip took them to Rome and Pope Clement the VII to put before him a petition for an annulment of the marriage between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact 4: During the mission Emperor Charles V captured Rome and imprisoned the Pope. Thomas managed to escape his captors and returned to England and Henryís court.

Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact 5: He was knighted in 1535 and appointed High Sheriff of Kent. Later he would be elected Knight of the Shire for Kent.

Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact 6: Thomas Wyatt would gain certain notoriety for his poetry. Translating and imitating Petrarchís sonnets, an Italian poet, Wyatt also wrote his own sonnets. He would experiment with stanza forms and was also a huge admirer of Chaucer.

Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact 7: It is believed, although not substantiated, that aspects of his poetry could allude to an affair with Anne Boleyn, but it was never proven.

Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact 8: Although Wyatt had spent time in the Tower of London and even witnessed the execution of the five men, alleged to have been Anneís lovers, and Anneís own execution, through his friendship with Thomas Cromwell, Wyatt was released and returned to his duties.

Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact 9: He would again be arrested for treason but again he would be released, with the help of the then Queen Catherine Howard and on the condition that he reconcile with his cheating wife.

Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact 10: Having been granted a full pardon he was able to resume his duties as ambassador.

Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact 11: Rumors would circulate that the kingís eye was roving towards Thomas's wife, particularly after the execution of the Queen.

Sir Thomas Wyatt Fact 12: As life went back to some sort of normality, Thomas Wyatt would become ill, with what was unclear, but on October 11, 1542, at the age of 39 years, Thomas died. He had been staying at Clifton Maybank House located in Dorset, with his friend sir John horsey. His remains were laid to rest at Sherborne abbey.

Influence and Legacy: What Wyatt had aspired to do with his poetry was to experiment and civilize it, to make it was powerful as those of its neighbors. Much of his work entailed translations of others work which in turn gave him inspiration. He would also become known as one of the earliest of the English Renaissance period.

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