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Max Immelmann Biography Summary: Max Immelmann (1890 – 1916) was one of the most famous German airmen of WW1. Max Immelmann was an outstanding German pilot who became one of the Germany's first fighter pilots. During his military career, he achieved fifteen aerial victories. In September 2015, Max Immelmann became the first German ace which can be defined as a military aviator credited with several aerial victories. Max Immelmann was only 25 when he was brought to his death by a British fighter aircraft that shot him down in Sallaumines in September 1916 during an aerial attack. He never married, he didn't drink or smoke.

He was close to his mother who he wrote to on a daily basis and he had a pet dog called Tyras who he was devoted to and allowed to sleep on his bed.

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Max Immelmann Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1890 – 1916 *** Full Name: Max Immelmann was also known as Der Adler von Lille (The Eagle of Lille) *** Date of Birth (Birthday): He was born on September 21, 1890 *** Place of Birth: Max Immelmann was born in Dresden, Germany. *** Family background: His father was an industrialist *** Education: Max Immelmann began the Cadet School in Dresden when he was 15 years old *** Max Immelmann died on June 18, 1916

Max Immelmann Fact 1: Max Immelmann was born on September 21, 1890 in Dresden, Germany. He became one of Germany's first fighter pilots.

Max Immelmann Fact 2: His father was an industrialist who passed away when Max was a young boy. He was close to his mother whom he wrote to on a daily basis whilst stationed away during World War One.

Max Immelmann Fact 3: At the age of fifteen, Max Immelmann joined the Cadet School in Dresden and in 1911, he joined the Railway Regiment, Eisenbahnregiment, as a junior officer responsible for bearing the ship's ensign.

Max Immelmann Fact 4: In 1912, Max Immelmann left the army and began studying mechanical engineering back in his hometown of Dresden.

Max Immelmann Fact 5: Following the outbreak of World War One, he rejoined the army as a reserve officer candidate. He was initially assigned to Eisenbahnregiment Nr. 1 but it wasn't long until he was assigned to Luftstreitkräfte in aviation instead.

Max Immelmann Fact 6: Max Immelmann began training as a pilot in November 1914 at Johannisthal Air Field and was stationed in France. He served as a pilot from February to April 1915 with Feldflieger Abteilung. From May 1915, he served in FFA 62.

Max Immelmann Fact 7: His aircraft was shot down on June 3, 1915 by a French pilot. His safe landing earned him the Iron Cross - a military decoration.

Max Immelmann Fact 8: Max Immelmann achieved his first official air victory of World War I on August 1, 1915. The following quote describes his feelings regarding his air victory: 'Like a hawk, I dived... and fired my machine gun. For a moment, I believed I would fly right into him. I had fired about 60 shots when my gun jammed. That was awkward, for to clear the jam I needed both hands - I had to fly completely without hands'.

Max Immelmann Fact 9: He was an impressive pilot who became one of Germany's first fighter pilots. Max Immelmann earned 15 aerial victories during his military career.

Max Immelmann Fact 10: Max Immelmann became the first German ace in September 2015. A Flying Ace can be described as a military aviator credited with several aerial victories.

Max Immelmann Fact 11: He was the first pilot to receive Germany's highest military honour, the Pour le Mérite. Max Immelmann earned the award upon his 8th aerial victory on January 12, 1916. The medal became known as 'Blue Max' in his honour.

Max Immelmann Fact 12: The Immelmann turn is an aircraft manoeuvre named after Max Immelmann. This particular manoeuvre was carried out after attacking another aircraft in order to reposition in preparation for another attack.

Max Immelmann Fact 13: During World War I, Max Immelmann took over sole responsibility in the city of Lille for the air defense earning him the nickname 'Der Adler von Lille' which translates to 'The Eagle of Lille'.

Max Immelmann Fact 14: On April 25, 1916, he was provided with training on the improvement of aircrafts from Britain. Following an aerial fight against a British Airco DH.2 fighter plane, he made the following quote describing the attack, 'The two worked splendidly together...and put 11 shots into my machine. The petrol tank, the struts on the fuselage, the undercarriage and the propeller were hit... It was not a nice business'.

Max Immelmann Fact 15: During an attack on May 31, 1916, alongside two other German pilots, Max Immelmann flew a two-gun Fokker E.IV and attacked 7 British aircraft. However, the synchronizing gear failed when he opened fire. The propeller blade was damaged by bullets, almost shaking the engine loose from the aircraft.

Max Immelmann Fact 16: Max Immelmann claimed another victory on June 18, 1916, that was never officially confirmed. He was flying a Fockker E.III when he led four other aircrafts in search of eight F.E.2b reconnaissance aircraft of 25 Squadron Royal Flying Corps. He shot down a British enemy aircraft over Sallaumines in northern France.

Fockker E

Max Immelmann Fact 17: Later the same day, he was involved in another aerial attack with the same British F.E.2b aircraft. He severely wounded the pilot, RFC Lt. J.R.B Savage.

Max Immelmann Fact 18: Max Immelmann was brought down during the same aerial attack by the second British aircraft. The pilot who shot him down was called Second Lieutenant G.R. McCubbin, the gunner was called Corporal J.H. Waller. The pilot was awarded the Distinguished Service Order and the Distinguished Service Medal. The gunner/observer was awarded with sergeant's stripes.

Max Immelmann Fact 19: After so many successful aerial victories, the German side were shocked that he had been shot down by a British enemy aircraft. The Air Service and various other people claimed that the aircraft Max Immelmann had been flying may have been brought down due to various technical failures and faults.

Max Immelmann Fact 20: Max Immelmann died on June 18, 1916 at the age of 25 when he was shot down by a British fighter aircraft during an aerial attack in Sallaumines. He received a state funeral and he was buried in his home town of Dresden, Germany.

Influence and Legacy: He became one of Germany's first fighter pilots, achieving fifteen confirmed aerial victories during his military career. He was an incredible pilot who became the first German ace - a term which can be defined as a military aviator credited with several aerial victories, the famous Immelmann tern is still taught to fighter pilots toda.

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