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King Henry VII

King Henry VII Biography Summary: King Henry VII (1457 - 1509) was famous for founding the Tudor dynasty. He would be last of the kings that would have to win their throne on the field of battle. King Henry VII defeated King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth and Henry Tudor became King Henry VII on August 22, 1485 and the Wars of the Roses came to an end. King Henry VII married Elizabeth of York cementing his claim to the throne and restoring the stability and power of the English monarchy once more.

He would become the founder of the Tudor dynasty and would reign for almost twenty four years to be succeeded by one of the most famous of all of England’s kings, King Henry VIII, his second son.

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King Henry VII Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1457 - 1509 *** Full Name: Henry VII *** Occupation: King of England, ruled the Principality of Wales and was Lord of Ireland *** Date of Birth: King Henry VII was born on January 28th 1457 *** Place of Birth: King Henry VII was born at Pembroke Castle in Pembroke, West Wales *** Education: King Henry VII received an excellent education *** His wife was Elizabeth of York *** Children - Arthur, Margaret, Henry and Mary *** King Henry VII died on April 21, 1509.

King Henry VII Fact 1: King Henry VII was born on January 28, 1457. His father was Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond who died three months before Henry was born and his mother was Margaret Beaufort, a thirteen year old girl.

King Henry VII Fact 2: Margaret Beaufort and the young Henry lived under the protection of Jasper Tudor but when the Yorkist Edward IV became King in 1461, Jasper Tudor, a Lancastrian, was forced into exile abroad and Henry accompanies his uncle to the safety of Brittany, France

King Henry VII Fact 3: King Henry VII was well educated and was also taught horsemanship and how to fight, which would ultimately prove his making  with his victory in battle. King Edward IV died and his brother, declaring his two young sons illegitimate, took the throne as King Richard III. The Lancastrian enemies of King Richard III begin to plot to replace him with Henry Tudor, who raised an army and returned to fight for the throne in England.

King Henry VII Fact 4:  The claim of King Henry VII to the English throne was tenuous through his mother, Margaret Beaufort, a descendant of the Lancastrian King Edward III through his third son, John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford.  The untimely death of King Edward IV in 1483, the disappearance of his sons, the princes in the Tower, the succession of King Richard III,  and the deaths of other prominent Lancastrians left Henry Tudor, however improbably, as a credible claimant to the throne of England.

King Henry VII Fact 5: He became king on August 22, 1486 after he won the Battle of Bosworth Field against King Richard III, the last king of the Plantagenet royal line. King Henry VII subsequently cemented his claim to the throne by his marriage to Elizabeth of York.

King Henry VII Fact 6: The royal couple were blessed with three sons and four daughters, but only four survived infancy; Arthur, Margaret, Henry and Mary. The emblem of the Tudor dynasty was the Tudor rose that combined the white rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster.

King Henry VII Fact 7: He was pronounced king from August 21, 1486, one day before the Battle of Bosworth. This conniving action meant that anyone who had fought against him could, and would, be found guilty of treason, leaving Henry legally within his rights to confiscate their lands and properties and those of Richard III, and therefore restoring his own lands and property. He became extremely wealthy and acquired the reputation as mean spirited and over zealous miser.

King Henry VII Fact 8: He was rich and powerful and consumed by matters of finance and state. Despite his considerable skills as a fighter he declined to take part in the sport of jousting and his court was a sombre place. He loved his wife, Elizabeth of York and the couple raised their son Arthur as heir to the throne. His second son, Henry, was spoilt by his mother and allowed much more freedom than his elder brother

King Henry VII Fact 9: Henry’s eldest son Arthur was heir apparent, but after Arthur's marriage to Catherine of Aragon, and whilst on a visit to Ludlow castle, Arthur unexpectedly died, leaving a very distraught father and mother. Their younger son Henry became heir to the throne.

King Henry VII Fact 10: Tragedy again hit King Henry VII when his wife, Elizabeth of York died in childbirth together with the child. In just one year King Henry VII suffered three bereavements, his eldest son Arthur, his wife and his baby daughter.

King Henry VII Fact 11: Nevertheless, King Henry VII did consider marrying again, largely to try and maintain the Spanish union and keep the dowry of Catherine of Aragon, but decided instead that his son Henry should marry Catherine of Aragon, deciding his son Henry should marry her.

King Henry VII Fact 12: King Henry VII was an extremely frugal man. He managed to amass a vast fortune during his reign which he left to his son who would become King Henry VIII.

King Henry VII Fact 13: On April 21, 1509, King Henry VII died succumbing to tuberculosis at Richmond Palace. He body was laid to rest alongside that of his beloved wife, Elizabeth of York, at Westminster abbey.

Influence & Legacy of King Henry VII: King Henry VII will go down in history as being the King that founded the Tudor dynasty. he ruled a peaceful realm by implementing political and monetary initiatives that saw the country grow, keeping nobles under control, reducing by stealthy taxes the abilities to keep private armies and implementing legal proceedings across the land.

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