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King Edward VI Biography Summary: King Edward VI (1537 - 1553) was famous for being a Protestant King of England and Henry VIIIís only legitimate son. Young King Edward VI would find himself in a very difficult position. King Edward VI become desperately ill, but in the knowledge that he might not survive his illness, he was left with the terrible decision as to who should become the next monarch of England. His Catholic sister Mary, the legitimate heir or the Protestant Lady Jane Grey?

His choice, made for all the right reasons, would ultimately end in the death of Lady Jane Grey and her husband Lord Guildford Dudley, for high treason at the hands of Mary, Edwardís eldest half-sister.

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King Edward VI Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1537 - 1553 *** Full Name: King Edward VI *** Occupation: King of England *** Date of Birth: King Edward VI was born on October 12th 1537 *** Place of Birth: King Edward VI was born in Hampton Court Palace, Middlesex, England *** Family background: His father was King Henry VIII and his mother was Jane Seymour, Henry VIIIís third wife *** Early life and childhood: He grew up in his own household, with his own servants and carers *** Education: King Edward VIís education was extensive. When he turned six years old, his education would begin in earnest with lessons from Richard cox and John Cheke. His lesson included languages, French, Spanish, and Italian, in addition to scriptures and philosophy, liberal sciences, geometry, and learning to play several musical instruments. Edward would also show a particular aptitude towards monetary affairs. It would appear as his education continued with his sister Elizabethís own tutor, that an amount of competitiveness emerged between Edward and his sister Elizabeth and her own academic prowess *** King Edward VI died on July 6, 1553

King Edward VI Fact 1: King Edward VI was born on October 12, 1547 and during the 16th century period in history when Portugal and Spain were exploring the oceans of the world and colonizing new lands.

King Edward VI Fact 2: King Edward VI had two older half sisters, Mary, whose mother was Catherine of Aragon, and Elizabeth, whose mother was Anne Boleyn. Both of his sisters were present for his christening, which took place on October the 15th.

King Edward VI Fact 3: At his christening Edward would be proclaimed both Duke of Cornwall and Earl of Chester

King Edward VI Fact 4: Although the birth itself had seemed a normal one, the Queen nevertheless died twelve days later from presumed complications of the birth.

King Edward VI Fact 5: The assumption that Edward was a sickly child has more recently been decided by historians as not altogether true, although he may have suffered a life threatening quartan fever when he was four years old, he may actually have been a normal healthy child.

King Edward VI Fact 6: He was placed in his own household and was initially cared for by Margaret Bryan, then Blanche Herbert. King Henry demanded absolute cleanliness and exceedingly high standards of security for his only son.

King Edward VI Fact 7: Edwardís reign as King would begin on January the 28th, 1547. King Edward VI was just nine years old.

King Edward VI Fact 8: He was collected from his home in Hertford and escorted to Enfield, where Lady Elizabeth was living, and together they were told of their fatherís death. Edward was then escorted to the Tower of London, where he was welcomed with much pomp and ceremony.

King Edward VI Fact 9: The following day, the nobles of the realm made their obeisance to King Edward VI of England. His father Henry VIII was laid to rest next to his beloved wife Jane Seymour, as he had wished.

King Edward VI Fact 10: King Edward VI was crowned on February the 20th, 1547, at Westminster Abbey. He was obviously too young to take the reins of the country unto his own hands, so his uncle Edward Seymour was appointed Lord Protector for two years, until his execution, and John Dudley replaced him, not as Lord Protector but Lord President of the Council, and Great Master of the Kingís household.

King Edward VI Fact 11: In 1553 King Edward VI became ill. Concern for his realm and his crown, his fatherís wishes before his death, to secure the succession, meant that Edward did not want to see his half-sister Mary succeed him.

King Edward VI Fact 12: Under his fatherís rule, both Mary and Elizabeth were proclaimed illegitimate, which meant they had no claim to the throne.

King Edward VI Fact 13: This left Edward with only one course, Lady Jane Grey, as a cousin once removed, and who had married the Duke of Northumberland's younger son, Lord Guildford Dudley, would succeed Edward to the throne, as the only exception to the male rule.

King Edward VI Fact 14: Edwardís health deteriorated further and in the knowledge his devise for the succession was in place periodically he rallied.

King Edward VI Fact 15: In April King Edward VI decided to move to Greenwich, but he developed a persistent cough and his health further deteriorated.

King Edward VI Fact 16: King Edward VI was seen several times by the public, sitting in his window, looking pale and ill. His illness brought panic amongst his Protestant supporters who were determined that his Catholic sister should not ascend to the throne. Plans were made to make the young Jane Grey the next queen of England.

King Edward VI Fact 17: At Greenwich palace, on July 6, 1553, King Edward VI lost his battle for life. His body was laid to rest at Henry VIIís Lady Chapel, at Westminster Abbey. The totally reluctant Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed queen.

Influence & Legacy of King Edward VI: King Edward VI would largely be remembered for his contribution to the structure of the church of England and the English Reformation. He would also be the unwitting cause of young Lady Jane Grey, as well as her husband, losing their lives because he tried to prevent his Catholic sister Mary attaining the throne.

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