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Biography Summary: Al Capone (1899 - 1947) was famous for being an American crime boss. He started his criminal career in small time gangs and progressively worked his way up. He largely looked up to Johnny Torrio the leader of the Chicago Outfit and whose shoes he would one day fill.

His downfall would come from his extravagant lifestyle and although the police could never convict him on the numerous murders he was guilty of for lack of evidence, they did however managed to convict him on tax evasion for which he served an eleven year prison term.

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Al Capone Fact File Biography: Lifespan: 1899 - 1947 *** Full Name: Alphonse Gabriel Capone *** Nickname: Al, Scarface, Snorky *** Occupation: American Gangster *** Date of Birth: Al Capone was born on January 17th 1899 *** Place of Birth: Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA *** Family background: His father was Gabriel Capon and his mother was Teresina Railo. His father was a barber by profession while his mother was a seamstress. Both were Italian immigrants from Angri, Provence of Salerno *** Early life and childhood: Al Capone grew up with eight siblings, six brothers and two sisters *** Education: Al Capone attended a strict provincial Catholic school ***

Al Capone Fact 1: Al Capone was born on January 17th 1899 and during the end of the 19th century period in history when huge discoveries were being made in science, medical and industrial innovations.

Al Capone Fact 2: In school Al Capone was actually a promising student, however he would get himself expelled from school at fourteen years of age having struck one of his female teachers. He was not very good at following the rules.

Al Capone Fact 3: With families earning barely enough money live on and jobs hard to find, although he did do odd jobs for a bowling alley and in a candy store, a teenage boy was at the mercy of the many locals gangs that operated in the areas of New York.

Al Capone Fact 4: Al Capone would become involved with several small time gangs such as the Bowery Boys and Junior Forty Thieves and worked his way up to the Brooklyn Rippers and Five Points Gang.

Al Capone Fact 5: It would be while he was working on the door of local night club that he made the mistake of accidentally insulting the sister of Frank Gallucio who in retaliation for the unintended insult slashed Capone across the face which we believe lead to the nickname Scarface.

Al Capone Fact 6: In 1918 he married Mae Josephine Coughlin a nineteen year old Irish Catholic girl who had the previous month had their first baby son, Albert Francis “Sonny” Capone.

Al Capone Fact 7: Al Capone left New York when he was around twenty years old having been invited by Johnny Torrio to join him in Chicago. Torrio worked for James Colosimo who was a bootlegger known as Big Jim. Big Jim was murdered, there was some suspicion that Capone was involved, and Torrio took over his operation which was the biggest in the city.

Al Capone Fact 8: Torrio took Al Capone on as his right hand man and he was someone that Al Capone aspired to be.

Al Capone Fact 9: A territorial dispute blew up between two rival groups, it was never clear whether Torrio was involved in the death of one gang leader or not but he became a target for revenge. Al Capone was cornered at one point but was unhurt. Torrio was shot on his return from a shopping trip, he recovered but handed the reins of the operation over to Capone.

Al Capone Fact 10: At just twenty six years of age this was quite an accomplishment and meant Al Capone had become the new boss of an organized crime syndicate that owned illegal breweries as well as a transportation network up to Canada with both law enforcement and political protection.

Al Capone Fact 11: Al CaponeAl Capone did not have a soft touch when it came to requesting an establishment purchase their alcohol from him. If someone refused, they found themselves out of business because Capone would torch their property.

Al Capone Fact 12: Al Capone established himself in Cicero, Illinois by using intimidation and bribery. Capone was still a target for the North Side Gang who kept trying to kill him.

Al Capone Fact 13: Several of the people around Al Capone were killed and he became extremely security conscious.

Al Capone Fact 14: In 1929 he was largely held responsible for the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre where Bugs Moran of the North Side Gang was nearly killed. Moran’s predecessors, Drucci and Weise were already dead, in retaliation for their gang trying to kill Torrio and Capone.

Al Capone Fact 15: Having been summons to appear before a Grand Jury and claiming sickness, Al Capone did attend court on March 27th 1929 to answer charges of a violation in relation to federal prohibition laws. As Al Capone was leaving the courthouse, the FBI arrested him for falsifying information in relation to his previous appearance and charging him with contempt for non-appearance in the first instance.

Al Capone Fact 16: Having visited the Philadelphia Eastern State Penitentiary he would find himself arrested for carry a gun during a visit to the Penitentiary. The week after his release he would find himself number one on the Chicago Crime Commissions “Public Enemy” list.

Al Capone Fact 17: Having been in and out of court over the next few years on various charges he was finally convicted on income tax evasion. He was convicted and sentenced to eleven years in a federal prison.

Al Capone Fact 18: Al Capone was sent to Atlanta U.S. Penitentiary. When he arrived he was given a physical and he weighed two hundred and fifty pounds and also diagnosed with gonorrhoea and syphilis. As a drug user he was also suffering from withdrawal.

Al Capone Fact 19: On his own and without the protection of his men around him Al Capone was virtually helpless. He managed to enlist the assistance of his cell mate Red Rudinsky to look out for him but over time other inmates began to feel that he was receiving special treatment especially when he was transferred to the newly opened Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary off of San Francisco’s coast.

Al Capone Fact 20: Once established at Alcatraz his health deteriorated substantially and he was moved permanently to the prison hospital.

Al Capone Fact 21: Finally released from prison on November 15th 1939 Al Capone was supposed to have been referred to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore but based on his reputation they fused to take him and he would be accepted at the Union Memorial Hospital where he received compassionate care for which he was very grateful.

Al Capone Fact 22: By 1946 he was examined by a psychiatrist requested by his physician and found to have the mental capacity of a twelve year old child.

Al Capone Fact 23: Alphonse Gabriel Capone, aka Scarface, died on January 25th 1947 in his home on Palm Island in Florida of a fatal cardiac arrest. His body was laid to rest at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois.

Influence & Legacy: As soon as Al Capone was convicted and sent to prison he effectively was no longer in charge of the Chicago Outfit. As a result of lavish lifestyle and the outcome, organized crime established a much lower profile, particularly after the end of prohibition. Al Capone served as a reminder of what could happened if you got caught.



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